*** Historical and Cultural Complex "Vyatskoe" named after E. Ankudinova

The location for the competition was chosen, of course, not by chance. Historical and cultural complex Vyatskoe has long attracted the attention of tourists and media representatives. The uniqueness of the location of the Vyatskoye Historical and Cultural Complex and its cozy atmosphere are ideal for holding an international competition for young performers of academic music: Chamber Concert Hall, fresh air, cozy hotel-museum, home-made cooking, historical architectural monuments and residential buildings, well-groomed landscape, museum expositions with rare collections - all this forms the necessary mood of the contestants before the performance, and at the same time, contributes to a peaceful rest after stress auditions.

Being in a single space, within walking distance, contestants will be able to come to rehearsals, attend master classes, and auditions without loss of time and energy. And after auditions they will be able to relax, take a walk in the fresh air and visit the museums of Vyatskoe.

The ancient merchant village of Vyatskoye is located in the Nekrasovsky District, one of the most ecologically clean and historically significant areas of the Yaroslavl Region. The amazingly beautiful nature of the Central Russian plain with its abundance of rivers and lakes, with its delighting sceneries at any time of the year, is just 38 km from the center of Yaroslavl along the Lyubimskaya road, 18 km from the Volga River. The village stretches along the banks of the Ukhtomka River, 500 meters from the artificial water reservoir and 8 km from the Northern Railway. The most interesting history of these places makes this region attractive for both tourists and people who want to change the city’s turmoil for the tranquility of country life.

There are places to see there, places to walk and just to relax in silence from the bustle of the city. This is not surprising: the current appearance of the village of Vyatskoye is the result of the hard and painstaking work of the organizer of the restoration works of Oleg Zharov.

As the general director of the Vyatskoye historical and cultural complex Larisa Kovalenko told the Interfax news agency, the revival of the ancient merchant village began several years ago. "There are more than 100 stone houses in the village, two churches of the 18th century. It was a well-to-do settlement, the patrimony of Metropolitan Philaret. We wanted to restore, save the village in memory of those who lived here before." Now there are 11 museums in Vyatskoye, about 100 local residents are employed in them, ”L. Kovalenko clarified.

Of course, such achievements cannot pass unnoticed, and today, the Vyatskoe Historical and Cultural Complex is the holder of several honorary awards and signs of recognition.

Thus, in 2012, on the Day of Russia in the St. George Hall of the Grand Kremlin Palace, Vladimir Putin presented the State Prize and a commemorative medal to the project managers for the revival of the village of Vyatskoe for their contribution to the revival and development of traditional cultural and historical values.

On June 15, 2015 in Moscow at the Intermuseum-2015 International Museum Festival, the Vyatskoye Historical and Cultural Complex won the Grand Prix.

On October 15, 2015, the village of Vyatskoye became the first member of the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of Russia, and in May 2016, was accepted as an observer to the Association of the Most Beautiful Villages of the World.

Vyatskoye village is a monument of rural architecture of the XVIII-XIX centuries, it has a strict planning structure: it is formed by a stone square around the shopping center. Vyatskoye is characterized by the St. Petersburg type of building of religious and civil buildings, two-story houses built in a single facade, a single red line, two churches of the XVIII century are located on the high banks of the Ukhtomka River. The richest history, the uniqueness of the architectural appearance of the village, which has the appearance of a town, fascinate famous people: the opera diva Lyubov Kazarnovskaya became the organizer and ideological inspirer of the Festival “The Province is the Soul of Russia”, Yury Bashmet gave three concerts at the Vyatskoye sites. Zurab Tsereteli opened the sculptural composition at the holy spring in honor of the icon of the Mother of God. The famous Russian artist Nikas Safronov met here with the audience, cosmonauts Alexey Leonov, Valentina Tereshkova fell in love with Vyatskoye, and the singer Iosif Kobzon noted the uniqueness of the architectural appearance of the village.

Organizing Committee

From the competition organizing committee:

The International Music Competition "Vyatskoe" was created to promote professional music. It aims to unite professionals, the musicians from different countries, the well-known concert performers and teachers as well as pupils and students, that stand only in the beginning of their professional career.
Undoubtedly, the performance at competitive auditions, consultations with teachers in the master classes, communication with peers, the young musicians like themselves, will give musical students a tangible incentive for professional growth. It is always a chance to be heard and seen.
Furthermore, we sincerely hope that our international music competition will attract public attention to such a unique place as the historical and cultural complex "Vyatskoe" is. It is the pearl of the Russian provinces, where monuments and residential buildings are carefully preserved and restored, rare historical items are collected in museums and the visitor is carefully transferred to the atmosphere of the Russian village, as it was in the late XIX - early XX century.

Oleg Zharov

Founder of the Historical and Cultural Complex "Vyatskoe" named after E. Ankudinova, State Prize Laureate of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ecolline Group of Companies

Larisa Kovalenko

General Director of the Historical and Cultural Complex "Vyatskoe" named after E. Ankudinova

Lada Merkulova

Director of the Vyatskoye Competition, General Producer of the Rus Production Center, President of the Art for All Seasons Foundation for the Support of Culture and Art, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Russian Weekly Federal Weekly Journal

Timur Gafitulin

General Director of the MUSICAL SALON company

О конкурсе

I международный музыкальный конкурс «Вятское» прошел летом 2017 года.

Конкурс - по 3 номинациям: сольный вокал, фортепиано, скрипка.


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