A unique modern hotel-museum “Vyatskoye” opened its doors to visitors in June 2010 in an old merchant village named Vyatskoye . The extraordinary charm of the village together with exclusive antiques expositions immerse the guests into the era of entrepreneurial development in Russia.

The hotel complex includes three comfortable facilities accommodating 110 visitors at the same time.  Two of these buildings are architectural landmarks of the 19th century which were given a new lease on life after their full restoration.

Each hotel room has a full bathroom with a bath or a shower, cable TV, a phone, Internet access, a hair dryer. Parking space is provided on the complex grounds.

Hotel room capacity

First hotel block
- is a former almshouse building restored from the ruins according to traditions of neoclassical architecture. There are 9 single-room and 5 two-room. For the fastidious guests there is a suite with two spacious rooms and a view on the village.  


Second hotel block
is a former tavern historically owned by E.A. Glinkina. This building is skillfully decorated with plaster. It is a monument of 19th century architecture and it was fully renovated. In the building there are 12 single-room and 3 two-room lodgings.


Third hotel block
is a restoration of a building which was demolished in the Soviet time. It is done in a style of traditional 19th century architecture. There are 10 spacious single-room.


A standard single room with a big double bed is spacious and suitable for one guest or a couple. It features a full bathroom, a TV set, a phone, Internet access and a hairdryer. 


A standard double room has two rooms with a double bed in one and a standard single bed in the other. The accommodation is suitable for two or more guests. It features a full bathroom, a TV set, a phone, Internet access and a hairdryer. 


The suite is on the mezzanine floor and it features a living room with a balcony, a bedroom with a double bed and a spacious bathroom. There is a TV set, a phone, Internet access and a hairdryer. 


From the official website: http://вятское-село.рф/gde-otdohnut/gostinica-muzey/nomera-i-ceny

Organizing Committee

From the competition organizing committee:

The International Music Competition "Vyatskoe" was created to promote professional music. It aims to unite professionals, the musicians from different countries, the well-known concert performers and teachers as well as pupils and students, that stand only in the beginning of their professional career.
Undoubtedly, the performance at competitive auditions, consultations with teachers in the master classes, communication with peers, the young musicians like themselves, will give musical students a tangible incentive for professional growth. It is always a chance to be heard and seen.
Furthermore, we sincerely hope that our international music competition will attract public attention to such a unique place as the historical and cultural complex "Vyatskoe" is. It is the pearl of the Russian provinces, where monuments and residential buildings are carefully preserved and restored, rare historical items are collected in museums and the visitor is carefully transferred to the atmosphere of the Russian village, as it was in the late XIX - early XX century.

Жаров Олег Алексеевич

Основатель Историко-культурного комплекса "Вятское" им. Е.А. Анкудиновой, лауреат государственной премии РФ, Председатель совета директоров группы компаний "Эколлайн"

Коваленко Лариса Анатольевна

Генеральный директор Историко-культурного комплекса "Вятское" им. Е.А. Анкудиновой

Меркулова Лада Николаевна

Директор конкурса "Вятское", Генеральный продюсер "Продюсерского центра "Русь", президент Фонда поддержки культуры и искусства "Искусство на все времена", зам. главного редактора Федерального еженедельника "Российские вести" 

Гафитулин Тимур  Фарукович

Генеральный директор компании "МУЗЫКАЛЬНЫЙ САЛОН"

О конкурсе

I международный музыкальный конкурс «Вятское» прошел летом 2017 года.

Конкурс - по 3 номинациям: сольный вокал, фортепиано, скрипка.


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