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Accepting applications has started!

The first competition will be held from 1 to 20 June 2017
Russia, Yaroslavl oblast, Vyatskoe



Violin Nomination

June 23 - 26, 2019 Age of participants 7 - 33 years old
Violin Nomination >>>

Wind instruments

The dates for the wind instruments nomination are April 16-19th, 2019.
Wind instruments >>>

Piano Nomination

May 30 - June 2, 2019 Age of participants 7 - 33 years old
Piano Nomination >>>


Обладатели спецпризов поедут в Вену

Два наиболее ярких исполнителя I Международного конкурса "ВЯТСКОЕ" в номинации “фортепиано”  по решению конкурсного жюри получат право открыть гала


Открыт прием заявок для участия

Открыт прием заявок для участия в Первом международном музыкал

Партнеры конкурса

Театр Волкова
Класс от маэстро

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Organizing Committee

From the competition organizing committee:

The International Music Competition "Vyatskoe" was created to promote professional music. It aims to unite professionals, the musicians from different countries, the well-known concert performers and teachers as well as pupils and students, that stand only in the beginning of their professional career.
Undoubtedly, the performance at competitive auditions, consultations with teachers in the master classes, communication with peers, the young musicians like themselves, will give musical students a tangible incentive for professional growth. It is always a chance to be heard and seen.
Furthermore, we sincerely hope that our international music competition will attract public attention to such a unique place as the historical and cultural complex "Vyatskoe" is. It is the pearl of the Russian provinces, where monuments and residential buildings are carefully preserved and restored, rare historical items are collected in museums and the visitor is carefully transferred to the atmosphere of the Russian village, as it was in the late XIX - early XX century.

Oleg Zharov

Founder of the Historical and Cultural Complex "Vyatskoe" named after E. Ankudinova, State Prize Laureate of the Russian Federation, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Ecolline Group of Companies

Larisa Kovalenko

President of the Historical and Cultural Complex "Vyatskoe" named after E. Ankudinova

Lada Merkulova

Director of the Vyatskoye Competition, General Producer of the Rus Production Center, President of the Art for All Seasons Foundation for the Support of Culture and Art, Deputy Editor-in-Chief of the Russian Weekly Federal Weekly Journal

Timur Gafitulin

General Director of the FEURICH-ELISE MUSICAL SALON company

Elena Shakhova

General Director of the Historical and Cultural Complex "Vyatskoe" named after E. Ankudinova

Lyubov Kazarnovskaya

Opera singer, professor, president of the III International Music Competition "Vyatskoe", ambassador for culture of the Russian Academy of International Cooperation (RAMS), president of the International Academy 'Voce e Violino'

Robert Rostsik

Art Director of the Historical and Cultural Complex "Vyatskoe" named after E. Ankudinova, impresario

О конкурсе

I международный музыкальный конкурс «Вятское» прошел в июне 2017 года по трём номинациям (вокал, скрипка, фортепиано). II конкурс - c апреля по июнь 2018 года по четырём номинациям: вокал, духовые, фортепиано, скрипка. III конкурс пройдёт с апреля по июнь 2019 года.


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